Our company was established in Taichung in 1973 and mainly produced PVC processed products. For example, a tube for winding plastic cores such as rubber sheets and tapes. The main customers are Nanya Plastics, China General Plastics, Ocean Plastics....etc. In 1978, the Nantou factory was established to mainly produce plastic pipes and reprocessed plastic pellets. Since 1986, in order to expand the company’s market, improve market competitiveness, technology and service quality, a conductive plastic pipe production department has been specially established to engage in the business of electrical engineering pipes.

In 1988 when Taiwan saw rapid economic growth, the Company enjoyed multi-time growth in business. It was then that the Company began to constantly absorb new techniques, ideas, and develop PVC piping for additional uses. Examples were (1) plastic molds for highway guardrail posts, (2) utility piping in buildings, (3) piping for fungi, fruits, vegetables and other produce, and various shape PVC pipes of special specifications.

Relocated the factory to Taichung Dadu (the current location) in 1990, expanded the production line, and established a professional quality assurance department independent of the factory's affairs, and introduced the latest equipment, the latest concepts, and trained professional quality assurance personnel, strictly for the company


Pursue excellent quality to make the enterprise sustainable

Adhering to the business philosophy of "Quality, Service, Efficiency, and Innovation", we provide customers with the most competitive products, improve the quality of pipes through data analysis and continuous research and development, and provide customers with the highest quality products and services. Carry out the business principles of customer first and customer satisfaction, and implement the green concept of fulfilling social responsibilities, cherishing the earth's resources, and leading the company on the road of benefiting mankind.