PVC Pellets


◎ Production plant by ISO-9001 certification
◎ Customized service

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The production of PVC granules from YCPC.EHPC is manufactured according to customer needs and so a relatively high technical requirement is needed due to the availability of a wide range of products. For a long time, YCPC.EHPC has been accepting customers to provide their multi-prospective demands and relevant technical guides, thus enabling our technical aspect to reach a certain level. The excellent technical support has helped our company to produce high precision PVC granules, thereby allowing the customer products to stand competitively in the market.
  • Product Features

  • 一.  The product themselves are lightweight to ease packaging and transportation.
  • 二.  As the PVC granules are highly resistance to acid, alkali and corrosion, they can be widely used in chemical industries.
  • 三.  When added with various additives (plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, foaming agents, enhancers, etc.), they are able to yield different characteristics.
  • 四.  They feature outstanding durability such as resistance to heat, cold, impact, abrasion and fatigue.
  • 五.  We provide various services according to customer needs, thus helping customers to reduce their processing costs.
  • 六.  We coordinate with customers to conduct sample tests, thus enhancing customers to stand competitively in the market.
PVC Pellets
PVC Pellets